Meet The Instructors
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Brian Bock

Brian brings 10 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry to his classes.  He is an IICRC Master Cleaner.  He started with a major national franchise and now owns and operates a successful carpet, upholstery, area rug, tile & grout cleaning company.  Brian still works "hands on" with many clients and employees on a daily basis, and has a firm commitment to education and professionalism in the industry.

Brian also brings a strong business background, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in General Business Management from Kansas State University.  (GO CATS!)  He also has experience in the financial services industry working with small businesses and individuals.

Brian believes that a good attitude, client education, and state of the art cleaning are key factors in having a successful business.  You will learn from his extensive experience in everyday situations.  He will provide a fun, laid back atmosphere and positive attitude towards the cleaning industry.


Doug Heiferman

Doug brings a diversified background into the classroom. Credentials include IICRC Certified Master Cleaner, IICRC Regional Supervisor, Board of Director for New York Rug Cleaners, AAS degree in Business Administration, BS degree in Political Science (Honors Program) and Rotary International Board of Directors for Youth Services, Suffern Chapter.

He incorporates a Fortune 500 background in finance and customer service combined with ten years hands-on experience in owning and operating a successful carpet and upholstery cleaning and water damage restoration company. Doug's high energy coupled with motivated enthusiasm for teaching make his classes enjoyable and informative.

Specialized teaching in:
• Two-Day IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician
• Two-Day IICRC Upholstery Cleaning Technician
• One-Evening & One-Day Class “No Bull” Protector/Carpet/Upholstery
• One-Day “Hands-On Upholstery Cleaning”
• One-Day “Hands-On Carpet Cleaning”
• Various Bridgepoint Mini-Seminars: Advanced Spotting, Safe Upholstery Cleaning, Protect Your Customers from the Competition (“No Bull”) & Urine Decontamination
• All of the "Profit Builder" Seminars


Ernie David

Ernest is the president of Americolor Corporation located in Tigard, Oregon. Ernest has accumulated years' experience in all facets of color dyeing and repair, as well as manufacturing of dyes and some chemicals for the carpet cleaning industry. He has trained thousands of carpet cleaners in Canada and the United States. He has also published numerous technical manuals and articles for the trade magazine and made a major contribution to development of the on location carpet dyeing industry.

Specialized teaching in:
• One-Day IICRC Spotting Dyeing
• One-Day Hydro-Dye


George Cazares

George Cazares has been in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry for the past 16 years. His experience began in the mid 80’s as owner and operator of a successful carpet cleaning business in Southern California.

He spent the last 12 years as a technical trainer and operations manager for a large multi-state, multi-truck firm in the Northwest & Southern California. His varied experiences have given him extensive knowledge and hands on training that relate to the every day operations of a cleaning and restoration company.

George is an IICRC Master Cleaner, Master Restorer and an approved IICRC Instructor. His students enjoy the unique style and enthusiasm he brings to each class. He incorporates hands on training with high tech learning tools such as PowerPoint. His students receive one of the best learning experiences available in the industry.

As a bilingual instructor, George is providing approved IICRC training in either Spanish or English for CCT, UFT, RRT, OCT & WRT. His determination and passion is providing excellent training and building a strong foundation for the next generation of technicians.


Jim Spence

Jim offers more than 13 years of retail sales and consulting experience including the past five years specializing in the sale of fine leather furniture.  Throughout his career, Jim has been committed to achieving sales excellence through customer service, exceeding more than $700,000 in annual retail sales in his current position.  Previously, with Jacobson's, Lazarus and Walkers Northland, he continuously built a large customer referral base and loyal clientele while in men's fine clothing.

His recent experience as a Sales Manager includes individual and class instruction of employees on the presentation and care of leather furniture.  In addition, he consults individually with consumers on a daily basis regarding the care of fine leather products.  Jim has successfully completed a professional selling course and has received extensive product training in the areas of presentation and care form experts in the field.  He assimilates those teaching techniques and that knowledge into his presentations.

Jim offers strong communication skills and group presentation experience.  He easily develops rapport with individuals at all levels and has a history of training and motivating a staff to establish and achieve sales and customer service goals.

Specialized teaching in:

• Leather Basics
• Leather Specialist
• Advanced Leather Repair


Mike Wheatley

Mike Wheatley has over 26 years of experience in the cleaning and restoration industry.  Mike operated a cleaning and restoration business for 23 years and now operates a cleaning supply store, Cleaners Closet, which he started in 1989.  

He has served as president of the Mid South Professional Cleaners Association, a board member of the IICRC and is currently a regional supervisor for the IICRC.  

Mike is a Master Cleaning and Restoration Technician and as an instructor, he brings a lot of practical experience into the classroom..


Paul Kelly

Paul came to Bridgepoint with a diverse background in business and sales.  Following his graduation from Weber State with a BS degree and a postgraduate degree in Mortuary Science he has been employed as a mortician, safety director, and human resource coordinator.

The lure of owning his own business led him to incorporate in the carpet & upholstery business in 1985.  He became employed at Bridgepoint in 1997 as the manager of the Salt Lake City retail store.  In January 2000 he was given the new position as Eastern Sales Representative within the distributor division.

Paul's personal mission, while working at Bridgepoint, is to help the individual cleaner and other business owners take their adventures in business to much higher levels of success.

Paul is certified in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, odor control, carpet repair & reinstallation, water damage restoration, fire and smoke restoration master restoration and is a master cleaning technician.


Ron Colling

Ron counts 10 years of cleaning, restoration and floor installation experience, however he has grown up around the industry. Ron has always had at least a part-time job in the industry, whether he wanted one or not, starting with his father as a helper on floor installations.  Since then he has grown to enjoy all aspects of the cleaning and restoration business, working as a technician, manager, instructor and manager of Bridgepoint Systems of Nashville

Ron received a BS degree and teaching certificate from Grand Valley State University and has teaching experience in secondary, post-secondary and industry related areas.  He is an IICRC Master Cleaner and IICRC Regional Supervisor.  Ron's position as a Bridgepoint store manager gives him the opportunity to consult with cleaners and restorers daily.  Ron's desire is to see technicians and owners succeed by teaching from both a technical and a managerial perspective.


Sherman Guffy

Sherman Guffy is a second generation industry veteran who instructs many industry related courses, including IICRC approved courses in carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet repair, water damage restoration, and odor control.  Sherman is an IICRC approved instructor, Master Cleaner, Master Restoration Technician and IICRC regional supervisor.  His experience in this industry began in 1980 working for a large fire, smoke and water restoration and in-plant cleaning operation.  Sherman's years of hands-on experience include 12 years as operations manager, trainer and instructor for a large multi-truck multi-state operation.

Sherman brings a unique style of instruction to each of his classes, based on in-plant and on-location experience; students receive practical training for every-day real-life situations.  In addition, each class is filled with digital pictures and slides and lots of hands-on learning, which gives the students one of the best learning experiences available in the industry.

Specialized teaching in:

• Two-Day IICRC Carpet Repair & Reinstallation
• Two-Day IICRC Water Damage Restoration
• One-Day IICRC Odor Control
• Profit Building Seminars: Tile & Grout, Maxim Protection System, Private Label Avenge, No Bull, Simplified Leather, Wood Products, Urine Decontamination and Oriental Rug.


Steve Andrews

Steve is a long term veteran of the cleaning industry with over 27 years experience.  He knows what it means to do all types of cleaning related duties from scrubbing toilets to cleaning custom hand-tufted gold inlaid carpets; from answering maintenance questions for commercial buildings to giving testimony as an expert witness in a full jury trial including arbitrations.

He has owned and operated a multi-truck cleaning business, a Full Service Distribution Center for the Cleaning and Restorations Industry, trained housekeeping departments in the care and maintenance of everything from concrete steps, carpet & upholstery, mattresses and ovens.

Steve is a Practicing Senior Inspector and works with fiber producers, chemical manufacturers, carpet mills, as well as providing consulting and training for resort properties, large theme parks and individuals.  Steve is a Master Cleaner with many areas of certifications; Water Damage, Odor Control, Repair & Reinstallation, Color Repair, Certification Number 240.  Steve has been actively traveling and teaching IICRC Certification classes for the last two years, and his focus is to help the new student as well as the seasoned veteran, to set themselves apart as the premier cleaner in their areas.


Steve Johnson

Steve has been a dedicated and respected individual in our industry for 15 years.  Prior to coming to work for Bridgepoint Systems, he ran his own cleaning business in Salt Lake City, UT and was very successful.  Steve is a Certified Master Cleaner through IICRC and holds certification in Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning, Water Restoration, Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration, Odor Control and Color Repair.

Steve is an IICRC approved Instructor in Carpet Cleaning and in Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning for Bridgepoint as well as being an instructor for many other Bridgepoint classes.  Currently Steve is a National Sales Account Manager in Bridgepoint's Distributor Division.  Every day he consults new and existing businesses on setting up a system for success.  Steve's knowledge and enthusiasm in the industry is very evident in the classes he teaches and each student is sure to receive maximum value after having attended one of his schools.


Steve Poulos

Steve G. Poulos lives, breathes and sleeps for a chance to talk dirt! He has been in the cleaning and restoration business for over 20 years and has trained several thousand cleaners in the technical as well as the business aspects of the industry. He brings with him not only a vast knowledge of the industry but a true love for the trade. Because of the many hats Steve wears and pioneering approach to new ideas and products opportunities have allowed for him to teach in all parts of the U.S. as well as England and Australia.

Steve’s expertise comes from years of experiences with his own cleaning and restoration firms. He has also worked along side with interior designers, carpet manufactures, adjusters, departments of health and the University of North Carolina. Steve’s background in finance along with strong customer service ethics puts him as a true leader in the industry as well as a requested source for knowledge and education.

Steve is an IICRC Master Textile Cleaner and Restorer and just completed Leather Cleaning Technician (LCT). He held a position for 6 years on the Board of Directors with the Mid South Professional Cleaners Association and served as the Executive Director during their reorganization. Steve has served as the Regional Editor of Cleanfax for 5 years and has also served on the CUCI council of ASCR.

As well as being on Instructor, Steve is employed with HydraMaster/CleanMaster as the Eastern Sales Manager and Trainer. Steve is driven to expand their chemical line as well as make innovative advancements in chemical composition. As a previous distributor himself he brings familiarity and skill to the East Coast Distributors as well as their clients in both company sales growth and training. He loves to demo his Hydra-Van any time he is requested. Just ask!


Tom Forsythe

Tom received his Masters in History from Bowling Green State University in 1980. He started in sales of oriental rugs in 1983 in Williamsburg, Virginia and then moved to Columbus, Ohio where he eventually managed a full service oriental rug store in 1987. Tom became a certified oriental rug appraiser in 1988 from Oriental Rug Retailers of America. He has lectured on oriental rugs for over 10 years to many different educational and professional audiences. His company expanded into commercial and residential carpet cleaning in 1991, where he was introduced to Bridgepoint chemicals. Tom started Forsythe Rug Consultants part time in 1995 and simultaneously started working with Dave Hanks of Bridgepoint Systems to develop the Oriental Rug Cleaning seminar.  While building his business, he sold leather furniture for three years, which led directly to being one of the teachers of Bridgepoint's popular Leather Specialists course.  In September of 1998, Tom moved to Utah to work as Corporate Trainer for Bridgepoint Systems in addition to his teaching responsibilities.

Specialized teaching in:
• One-Day “Leather Specialists”
• Advanced Leather Specialist
• One-Day Oriental/Area Rug Cleaning
• Rotobrush Course
• Mini Bridgepoint Seminars, Advanced Spotting


Tony Macaluso

Tony Macaluso is a veteran of more than twenty-two years in the cleaning industry and has the designations of Certified Master Cleaner and Certified Restorer. A graduate of University of Puget Sound. Tony has experience in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, odor control, with extensive background in Fire and Water Damage Restoration.

As owner and founder of Sunshine Fabric Cleaning and Restoration is Austin, Texas, his company has provided services in Cleaning and Restoration since 1973. As administrator of TM Cleaning and Restoration Schools, he has taught numerous classes throughout the United States and Canada. He is a Master Cleaner and Senior inspector #0797 with IICRC, Master Deflooding and Restoration specialist with C.D.R.N. and Certified Restorer #70 with A.S.C.R. Tony also provides consulting services for additional restoration organizations.

Mr. Macaluso is also a Founding Father and past President of the Southwest Carpet Cleaners Association S.W.C.C.A. He is currently serving as Chairman of the Odor Control Committee of the Technical Advisory Board for the IICRC.

Specialized teaching in:
• Two-Day IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician
• Two-Day IICRC Fire/Smoke Restoration Technician
• Two-Day IICRC Odor Control Technician
• Rotobrush Course
• Various Bridgepoint Mini-Seminars: Advanced Spotting, Safe Upholstery Cleaning & Urine Decontamination, Tile & Grout, Wood Cleaning